Heimdal Kunstforening 05.09 - 25.10 2015

Historie i svarthvit, by Eline Bjerkan. Artscene Trondheim, October 2015
T mRom
Larvik Kunstforening 23.05.15 - 21.06.15

Artist in the exhibitions: Joakim Blattmann, Matthias Harenstam, Iselin Linstad Hauge, Christina Leithe H., Marianne Heier, Tanja Koljonen,
Ignas Krunglevicius, Rikke Lundgreen, Anders Sletvold Moe, Marit Roland, Andreas Tellefsen, Aiko Tezuka, Sam Smith.
Curated by Maria Veie.

T mrom catalog made by Forest

Photo: Chris Erlbeck
Angel 8° Christina Leithe H.

Angle 8° Christina Leithe H.
24 pages, 14,8x20 cm
Edition of 360, numbered

The Plantation Collective 11

The Plantation Collective 11, Christina Leithe H.
Interview by Joanna Cresswell
Sculptural Landscape

Akershus Kunstsenter 07.11 - 07.12 2014


In Christina Leithe’s exhibition, we encounter an installation consisting of several large folders from an archive called Landscapes.Albums. The folders contain photographs that both individually and collectively convey a little story or moment. With landscape motifs in intimate formats, Leithe urges the viewers to look through the files themselves and seek their own experiences. In addition, parts of the series Lissabon Flowers, a series of motifs featuring artificial flower arrangements, will be shown.
– My choice to work with nature as a motif is based on my view on nature as a chemical process, rather than a romantic force. In chemistry, in the substances that control our emotions, nature is more grand and powerful than anything. (Christina Leithe H.)
The motifs point out how different landscapes can symbolise temporary, mental conditions. Her work is based on themes like yearning and longing, a yearning bred in the past – which becomes the basis of a search for the unknown. Leithe works with analogue photography, kept in black and white, thereby tying herself to formalist photography, where the innate possibilities and limitations of the medium set the rules.

by Rikke Kommisar

Christina Leithe H. has been assigned BKHs production grant from Akershus Kunstsenter. The exhibition is supported by Norwegian Arts Council and Norwegian Photographic Fund NoFoFo.
Winner of the Nordic Dummy Awards 2012

Fotogalleriet is pleased to announce the launch of Christina Leithe Hansen’s photo book Notes. Notes presents a selection of photographs from Leithe Hansen’s archive collection in black n white. Focusing on the book as a narrative experience, Notes tells a story of loss and melancholy. The random landscapes and places depicted in the photographs become part of the same journey, a journey told in absence of words. Notes is thus a visual notebook detached from the original archive itself, inviting the beholder to use it a place for longing and contemplation. Notes is conceived as an edition of 500, signed and numbered by the artist.

The publication of Notes is made possible through the collaboration between Press Books, Formetc, Elanders Fälth & Hässler, Forbundet Frie Fotografer and Fotogalleriet. The collaboration was established on the occasion of the Nordic Dummy Award for photo books, launched by Forbundet Frie Fotografer and Fotogalleriet in 2012 at the seminar Various Sides of Photography. It entailed the publishing of the winning photo book dummy with Press Books, Oslo.

Buy the book here.
collection in black n white
Galleri Maria Veie 02.03 - 25.03 2012

collection in black n white is a work consisting of 257 photographs. The work is presented as a collection of small images gathered and filed as an archive. For this exhibition a selection of two photographs were enlarged and presented in the gallery space as single objects. collection in black n white is a reading of one year in pictures, recorded to remember and to understand. The collection tells a story about a journey described through distant landscapes. Leithe often uses the tradition of documentation to establish a fictive narration. In this serie a fictional storyteller emerges, with a language that appears in the process of editing the collection. ”I am addressing the subject of melancholia. Examining this phenomenon in the context of self-awareness, from the point of view of someone who perceives the sense of self as a crucial pursuit, and a nearly unattainable goal. I am questioning the idea of love for lost identity, through lost attachments.”

collection in black n white 2012
Serie of 257 pictures:
Titled: 11-11-1 til 07-10-255 + 2

Apocalyptic Bliss
Galleri Maria Veie 06.04 -29.04 2012

Galleri Maria Veie proudly presents a research project about the young Oslo-scene. Christina Leithe H., Linn Pedersen, Johannes Høie, Peter B Booth, Eirin Støen, Sverre Malling and Martin Skauen are representatives for a romantic conceptualist tendency within young Norwegian Contemporary art. Apocalyptic Bliss is not only a site specific exhibition within the grounds of the former record shop "Helvete" (Hell), but also time-specific, opening on Good Friday. Good Friday is a religious holiday observed primarily by Christians commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. It is also known as Black Friday.
Dark II (2012) by Christina Leithe H. was selected from Leithe´s archival work, collection in black n white. It refers to Leithe´s first solo show, Testshot/Flaneurie, where Dark (2009) depicted black space against a surrealist-styled, seducingly classical female neck. Pure beauty, hardly any fear. But this second work does something completely opposite. The main motive is not the mirror on top (for many looking like a lamp), but the wastebin made up of Chivas Regal-boxes, hand-sewed together. And the lights to the right immediately struck me as grave lights, but I can still not say why this association came up. Is it the total blackness, the enlightened doomsday that makes it?

Extract from text by Maria Veie Sandvik
Galleri Maria Veie at Preview Berlin 2011
Airport Berlin Tempelhof, Berlin 09.09 - 11.09 2011

“Romantic Conceptualism?”
Galleri Maria Veie will highlight the work of four artists—Linn Pedersen, Christina Leithe H., Ann Kristin Aas and Johannes Høie—as part of an ongoing project about the young Oslo scene.
Director Maria Veie Sandvik has been working on the idea of “Romantic Conceptualism.” According to Sandvik, “Romantic Conceptualism (also known as Conceptual Romanticism) is a strand of conceptual art which seeks to place emotion and a sense of 'the hand of the author' over the cold intellectualism of most conceptual art.” Among other things, the gallery is planning to mount a twenty-five meter-long silk painting from the roof of Tempelhof that will descend into their booth (number 28). The work was made freehand by Johannes Høie this spring in Hong Kong with Chinese ink.

Photo: Christine Erlbeck
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